Lunaesque Productions

Lunaesque is a team of photographers, designers, models and actors, who share a mutual vision and insane desire to create beautiful imagery. Most of us have successful full time careers within the creative industry, so all of the work that we do on the various Lunaesque projects, is carried out in our spare time and is self funded.

In 2013 and 2014 we were awarded Alt fashion magazines 'UK Photographer of the Year'.

Dawn (Druidess Of Midian) & I first met up with Carri Angel from ‘The Dark Angel and her family in Whitby, where I had arranged to shoot a collection of ‘Dark Angel’ garments with a ‘Pirate’ theme.

The creativity chemistry was an instant click. Working with another photographer on set can often be the most awkward, frustrating and difficult situation that an artist can put themselves into. The photographer leads the shoot, so can you imagine what a nightmare it would be if there were two very headstrong photographers trying to call the shots?
With Carri Angel and myself, it works. Our creative vision is identical, but how we approach that vision technically as photographers couldn't be more different. We can be standing shoulder to shoulder and the shot will still be different. Combining our photos, as we have done here in the gallery, helps tell a complete story, the same story, but with a different perspective. Our diverse approach on set serves as an inspiration to each other, through which we have both grown and developed as photographers individually.

Fine Art Photographer Carri Angel

Outfits by The Dark Angel Design Company



Katalin Clark

Ian Hencher / Make Up Artist and modelling

Jon Habens / Bodypaint and artist

Zephy Rose Hood

Rosie Flame

Josie Lauren Ellis


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